The number #1 DESIGN TOOL Wedding photographers are using: Customizable Photography Boxes

The Number #1 design tool wedding photographers are using to set themselves apart and gain referral business: customizable photography boxes.

With a world full of extraordinary photographers, it is hard to stand out from the crowd.  One means to separate yourself is by adding unique and professional touches that make your clients feel special.  Something that reminds them to refer you to their friends, family, etc. That’s where a gorgeous customizable gift box comes in!

Customizable professional photographer boxes is one of the fastest growing gift boxes on the market, and there are several ways to make it uniquely yours (just one example of creating your signature box):

  1. Customize the gift box with your branding and color scheme.
  2. Create unique USB drives with materials that reflect your brand’s aesthetic: Wood, glass, metal, etc. are all options.
  3. Add flowers, air plants, or succulents to represent the love that will keep growing between the couple.
  4. Enclose an image of the happy couple that best represents them that you captured on their special day.
  5. Send your happily married couple their gorgeously customized gift box with a handwritten card thanking them for letting you be part of their big day.

Once you have created your signature photographer box, you can re-use this format for all of your clientele. It not only streamlines your procedure with all your clients, but it makes your business that much more special and unique to set you apart in the highly saturated market. You will imprint your brand into the minds of your couples which in turn will increase your referral business exponentially.

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